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Open Letter to Google: How To Make Good After Doing Evil

8 Sep


Google Family/Community
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Planet Earth

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING WASZ  POSZTED FOR GOOGLE IN SEPTEMBER ~”2011″. The situation at Google Remainsz Profoundly Gender Imballanced, & Our “Meet Thee in the Air To Dellever the New Millenniall Golden Rule” Broadcastsz  On Hangoutsz on the Air & Google Hangoutsz, which reached over 177,745 people, 

ArkEarthszinBallanceatGoogle Have Been Intermittently & Repeatedly Apparently $Cen$ored by Unknown Agentsz at Google. Pray For Earthquake Prone California that the ability to Broadcaszt from Hangoutsz On Air to Save Our Planet isz Resztored. It’sz Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature. Usze Less Big Brother complicit Search Enginesz (some are located in more gender ballanced landsz  outszide the US region whenever posszible, & Buy Nothing New that isz not Esszentiall, until Google’s Management, Workplace & Neighborhood FamilyCommunityesz Live According to the New Millenniall Golden Rule


The following is Urgent and Time Sensitive

Please Respond by September 22nd

To: Women Users of the Google Search Engine, Gmail, Utube and other Google Offerings, and Fair Men as Well
Women of the Human Resources, Administrative, and All Other Offices at Google
Family and Community of Executive Officers
Mrs. Anne Wojcicki and Mr. Sergey Brin and Benji Wojin, and their Sisters and Mothers
Mrs. Lucinda Southworth and Mr. Larry Page, their son and their upcoming baby, and their Sisters, and Mothers
Mrs. Wendy and Mr.Eric E. Schmidt, Daughters Sophie and Alison and their Sisters and Mothers
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr.Nikesh Arora and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr.David C. Drummond and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr.Patrick Pichette and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Family and Community Sr Leadership
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Alan Eustace Senior Vice President, and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Amit Singhal and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Andy Rubin and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Dennis Woodside and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Jeff Huber Senior and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Kent Walker and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Laszlo Bock Senior and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms. Rachel Whetstone (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male) (recently fired but should be rehired t)
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr.Salar Kamangar and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms. Shona Brown Senior Vice President, (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male) (recently fired but should be rehired)
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Sridhar Ramaswamy and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Sundar Pichai Senior and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms. Susan Wojcicki (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male)
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Urs Hoelzle and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Vic Gundotra and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Family and Community of Board of Directors
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. L. John Doerr and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms, Diane B. Greene (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male)
Ms. Ann Mather (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male)
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Paul S. Otellini and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. K. Ram Shriram and Daughters,  Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms. Shirley M. Tilghman (and her Family and Colleagues, Especially Female but also Male)

Dear FamilyCommunity of Google, Women and also Men:

Well, Googles gone and done it. While we were preparing this letter, a banner appeared on the Google Logo Search page:saying “Live! Watch Mitt Romney accept the Republican presidential nomination at 10pm ET”. Apparently, Google thought this information was so essential that the 300 million a day searchers, about half of whom are
women, needed to know it, whether they wanted to see it or not. Whether they do this for Obama or not (and they probebaly will in the name of “fairness”)In the opinion, I’m sure, of a vast majority of its users, the names of political candidates have no place on a search engine, It violates net neutrality. It is our opinion that Google must write a letter of apology for making this extreme mistake, and post in on their search engine. If they feel they have to be balanced, they should also place banners of Green Party Candidates Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, Peace and Freedom Candidates Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan and all other third party and write in candidates,_2012, as well as Mr. Obama, of course, (who no doubt plans to have a banner put up when he wins the nomination) and the plans of millions (at least 19 million registered voters already, and almost half the US adult population) to not vote and actively boycott the election, or wake up from this nightmare and renounce it and go on strike if Romney “wins”. (which he & hisz even more corrupt Globall Corporate Buddiesz will, even if ~the patriarchal puppetsz ~Obama &~Biden are $elected.)  Since they have started upon the Corporate TV trail of selective truth telling and dominator-favoritism, That would bring back some semblance of net neutrality and ethical responsiblity.

But, since it has gone into the arena of putting political speech on its search engine, will Google also put up a banner that says, “Election will leave the US ranked 92nd in world in representation of women, far lower than Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates”. Will it add “Election will leave blacks with no Senators” “65 countries have publically financed elections, so that there elections cannot be bought”. “Election is costliest in US history and most money going to TV networks and essentially is of, by and for the 1%”. Now, it must. Since Google has put foot in the political door,  Google must now put their conscience in the political door, to save the Earth, (including their own families) too.  It has to go beyond “Don’t be Evil”. It actually has to go all the way to “Do Good, and do it totally and fast”. Because this pseudoelection, as affecting millions of Americans who aslo watch television and have no source of truth at all, will destroy the Earth, obviously including Google and all its families.

The most horrific aspect of this pseudoelection is the lack of women candidates. Neither major party is willing to talk about it, but the election, would result in a decision-making executives and bodies that every study about gender balance and the impact of estrogen/testosterone and female/mail brain structure on decision-making processes shows would bring Big Brother to the Internet, leave women, minorities, the American middle and lower classes more damaged than they already are in a massive Depression, escalate tensions that will cause war, including nuclear war, and assault the environment in an irrevocable way such that Gaia extinguishes the self-endangered and devolving human species, as it did the Dinosaurs. Humanity has two months left before midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and the end times begin in an avalanche of human catastrophe, The stated model of Google is “Don’t be Evil”. But, by putting its foot in its political mouth now with no mind to the cumulative gross imbalance of the genders, it is doing an and has Done Evil, it is unbalancing net neutrality, by recently supporting CISPA,  it is already acting like a Big Brother that especially and habitually cares only a little bit, and not enough,  for Sisters, unheeded for several millennia, and whose full presence is needed and overdue, and it is showing itself to have become caught up in the same old patriarchal domination and denial ethic that now, as many women and men around the world have realized, endangers the Planet.

We recently read that Google is losing women in its top management. Eric Schmidt, who is divorcing Wendy his wife of long standing and may be a little emotionally upset about it, has been standing by while Larry Page has been firing them, and Sergey Brin has inadvertently allowed it, too, with a wife Anne Wojicki and sister-in-law who is standing by and letting it happen, instead of leading the company in the opposite direction, as is happening in European companies.  And even before these women were fired, the Board and Executive leadership of Google was heavily imbalanced in the favor of one gender only with 22 men and 5 women, with no gender balanced ethical oversight committee made up of people from fields like sociology, anthropology, psychology, as well as the usual hard science and business fields, to have balance.  If Google is unable to come up to the 40% women required on Boards in Norway, and the 50% recommended by the European Parliament,  who realize the need to have equal presence of women to insure resistance to corruption and full dedication to the common good, maybe its time for the users of Google to nominate a new Board for Google, in the public interest, or at least an oversight board for ethical issues. We also read that Google is keeping more women from leaving by giving them five months instead of three, laughable in the face of up to three years in Europe with return to work at full pay, a humane approach that the US including Google denies to all its parents, female and male. In this age of communication, Google thinks the facts of gender underlying the ethics of our US corporate  and political world, with its top CEOs earning 550-2500 times the average salary (which undercounts women who are underpaid and whose unpaid gargantuan works at home or uncreditted by the GDP in contrast to the GPI) is less important than a multiday banner for the Olympics, even though this imbalance affects every woman, man and child not just for a few weeks, but everyday.Both Page and Brin earn an annual compensation of one dollar. On April 4, 2011. That is remarkable, and should be used to hold other CEOs feet to the fire.. But that is not to mention that the salaries and fortunes of Google management and company feed into the GDP, instead of the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), which smartest economists say is necessary for the sustainablity of the Planet. There hasn’t been a banner on your seach engine page about that, either, even though, unlike the banner you added for Mitt Romney, it would not endanger the Earth and cut short billions of children’s lives in childhood, including your own children, Sophie and Alison, Benji Wojin, and the little boy and (is it a girl?) of Lucinda and Larry, and the children of all your company FamilyCommunity.

Why are these facts about gender and decision-making so little known? Dempublican women, tokenized and marginalized by a mostly male controlling Dempublican upper echelon, in a poltical and business culture headed by dominating male politicians and CEOs,  lead other women to settle for the patriarchy-habituated situation of politically marginalized women in the United States, who are at 16% in Congress giving them a world rank of 92nd if you count ties  (in this year of the 92nd anniversary of women being “granted” the vote) and is also symptomatic of the deep interactive complicity that all Corporate Media, caused by delaying any coverage of this topic since around 1995. is largely TV Media’s overall indifference and lack of real coverage of this issue which has turned the this nation into something less than Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates in representation of women, which is real human representation for men and children, as well. We have sent  letters of immediate resignation by public outrage to the vampirically overpaid male CEOs of all the major TV networks, whose policies in ruining the Fourth Branch of Government, have prevented and censored real coverage of this and many other related issues in any world context, causing the US to fall so abysmally behind on women’s representation and the kind of election system that will elect balance, a prerequisite to solving the problems of the US and world. But is Google now joining television in the games of political favoritism and  half-truth? That is what your unethical. non-net-neutral and contaminating banner indicates us happening to Google, just as it has already corrupted television? It is shocking and unnacceptable, and perverts the dream of Tim Berners-Lee (who we are also asking to help on this, Grace Hopper and thousands of other women and men who built the computer and the Internet and billions who use it, with the intention not of just “Not doing Evil” but doing actual Good on an already endangered Planet.

There is no question that the founders of Google are, or want to be more socially responsible and oriented to truly serving humanity than many other US CEOs.

The Economist magazine referred to Brin as an “Enlightenment Man”, and someone who believes that “knowledge is always good, and certainly always better than ignorance”, a philosophy that is summed up by Google’s motto of making all the world’s information “universally accessible and useful” and Raised in Russia which, ranking even lower than the US on balance of gender and having no US model to imitate, remains a gender hierarchical and authoritarian culture, Brin and his family  knew direct discrimination because they were Jewish. He has a fear of authority because of it, and it must be disturbing to him to see the banner used to display the likes of a Mr. Big Brother, Mitt Rommey. But he let it happen, anyway. On the corporate website, he is described only as CoFounder, not with a typical Executive title.

In May 2007, Brin married Anne Wojcicki in the Bahamas. Wojcicki is a biotech analyst and a 1996 graduate of Yale University with a B.S. in biology. The have a young son, Benji Wojin, who likely has many female and male cousins. Anne has an active interest in health information, and together she and Brin are developing new ways to improve access to it. As part of their efforts, they have brainstormed with leading researchers about the human genome project. “Brin instinctively regards genetics as a database and computing problem. So does his wife, who co-founded the firm, 23andMe”, which lets people analyze and compare their own genetic makeup (consisting of 23 pairs of chromosomes. In a recent announcement at Google’s Zeitgeist conference, he said he hoped that some day everyone would learn their genetic code in order to help doctors, patients, and researchers analyze the data and try to repair bugs. But how do Anne and their project integrate the realities that the expression of genetic tendencies is inextricably linked with cultural aspects of intergenerational behavior as well, including the status of women and men, and parenting in balance with creative and decision-making pursuits, in a corporate and national culture that thinks 6 weeks 5 months of family leave for women (and likely none for men) is “good”, when in Europe, the leave ranges from 1-4 years, with no impact on return to work or career/family balance?

But both Anne and Sergey would benefit from reading the essay at
Which deals with the interactive aspects of nature/nurture, the genes and how they are expressed after interacting with complex factors of psycholocial and sociological culture,  particularly aspects of female and male intelligence, using the Maric-Einstein family as a model.
“Some characteristics appear to display more or less proximate genetic (“nature”) influence and are being investigated, for example, by the Human Genome Project. One behavioral psychoneurologist, Michael Bailey, has offered a bridge to our thinking, Bailey’s rule, stating: “Everything is (roughly) fifty percent genetic”, leaving the other roughly fifty percent environment (“nurture”).” But how does this 5050 reach its full potential, when society fails to attain 5050 in decision-making, that impacts every aspect of life?

In the twentieth century, one of Einstein’s friends in America once interviewed Einstein about international alliance and global governance. Interestingly Einstein, who at the time already know he had failed miserably at two marriages and had emotionally hurt the two women he had married, at least partially realized he had brought great emotional pain to some of his children, and blamed himself in part for unwittingly contributing to a science that resulted in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, still gave his interviewer the following answer: “…The idea of a world government is nothing more than the proper marriage of governments among themselves”.

The essay asks:
Can any marriage, even genius marriage, let alone international marriages and alliances of governments ( and Internet corporations), fully reach their potential, be BOTH proper and natural, and last, unless the marriage and its community and culture provide equal and dynamically integrated love, support, inclusion, presence and attention, including full political expression, to all men AND women? Mustn’t marriage and government both equally include all husbands, all wives and their sons AND daughters, and encourage their mutual and supportive collaboration with each other on all the fields of human endeavor, including science and parenting, education, home-hearth, local-global community prosperity-building, intimacy and childcare? National and international government and peacemaking must involve self-governance and self-expression (democracy/full representation) by both men and women in fully ethical collaboration and balance; this will always involve personal, political and spiritual dimensions, whether it be in the context of a family, a local neighborhood group, a task force, a multinational corporation, a state, a nation, or an alliance as …a UN, an Internet, or a space federation. In his day, In his day, Maric-Einstein was an advocate for the rights of women, he did some of the family childcare, and he and his wife frequently met with a circle of friends who did not only talk about science, but the humanities, ethics, philosophy, religion and the arts, and he helped friends who were ardent about socialism and democracy. If he were alive today, both Mileva and he would certainly advocate for gender parity in the marriage of the governments of the world, with equal input not only from science and technology, but the social sciences. ethical philosophy, and liberal arts.
Should an equation worthy of exploration in the interpersonal universe be: E=mc**2 where Enlightenment equals the mutuality of cooperation squared, and should it include E=mg**2, Enlightenment as the mutuality of gender squared, not only between men and women persay, but between the masculine and feminine aspects (what Jung called the animus and anima and others have called the yang and yin) of our psyches, of the gifts each person has developed in nature with nurture, especially as we work and learn in dynamic collaboration, together?

Larry Page also has concerns for the future of humanity. He is an active investor in alternative energy companies, such as Tesla Motors, which developed the Tesla Roadster, continues to be committed to renewable energy technology, and with the help of, Google’s philanthropic arm, promotes the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric cars and other alternative energy investments. Page married Lucinda Southworth at Richard Branson’s Caribbean island, Necker Island in 2007.  Southworth is a research scientist Ph.D. in Biomedical informatics (an area similar to Anne Wojicki, but one that can also be lacking the sociological and psychological aspects  of wellness) who studied at Oxford University and graduated from Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University. She is sister of actress and model Carrie Southworth. They have two children, one a boy, and the other whose gender has been kept private. Is it a girl? The children’s names have been kept out of the public knowledge. aspects of intergenerational behavior as well, They also live in a in a corporate and national culture that thinks 6 weeks to 5 months of family leave for women (and likely none for men) is “good”, when in Europe, the leave ranges from 1-4 years, with no impact on return to work or career/family balance?

Sergey Brin and Larry Page each have a net worth of   S$ 18.7 billion (2012). In an important model for other US CEOS, Brin and Page,  continued to earn a $1 salary last year, as did his co-founder Sergey Brin, according to the company’s regulatory filing. Net worth, increase US$ 18.7 billion (2012).

His wife of many years, Wendy, is divorcing Eric Schmidt. Would they be divorcing if they lived in a corporate culture that was kinder to couples and the balance of love and work in whole communities?  No one knows. Eric also violated his own principles by allowing the Romney and Obama Banners. with their links to videos of the acceptance speeches,  to appear on the main page of the Search Engine. He has said “I want to be clear what we mean by Net neutrality: What we mean is if you have one data type like video, you don’t discriminate against one person’s video in favor of another”. Yet, by placing, Romney and Obama,  the already too “powerful” male’s name in the public eye with a link to his acceptance speech video, without placing the female reparative names of  Jill Stein (Green Party), Roseanne Barr (Peace and Freedom Party), many write-ins, and Terri Li, a woman who is founder in the boycott the election movement including the already 10 million Americans planning not to vote, he literally did “discriminate against one person’s video in favor of another.” Schmidt  was a campaign advisor and major donor to Barack Obama, He proposed that the easiest way to solve all of the problems of the United States at once, at least in the domestic policy, is by a stimulus program that rewards renewable energy and, over time, attempts to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Instead, the dorporately controlled Democrat/Dempublican party is endorsing the Keystone Pipeline right along with the Republicans, once again delaying wind and solar and renewables.

Upon being hired at Google, Eric Schmidt was paid a salary of $250,000, and an annual performance bonus. He was granted 14,331,703 shares of class B common stock at 30 cents per share, and 426,892 shares of Series C preferred stock at purchase price of $2.34 Schmidt and the Google founders agreed to a base salary of $1 in 2004 (which continued through 2010), with other compensation of $557,465 in 2006] $508,763 in 2008 and $243,661 in 2009, which is far less than other Corporate Piranhas.  He did not receive any additional stock, or options in 2009 or 2010 Most of his compensation was for “personal security” and charters of private aircraft Schmidt is one of the few people who became billionaires on stock options received as an employee in a corporation of which he was neither the founder nor a relative of the founder] In its 2011 ‘World’s Billionaires’ list, Forbes ranked Schmidt as the 136th richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $7 billionGoogle gave him $100 million in 2011 as a parting gift.

During this period, millions of American women went into bandruptcy, even more than men, due to the actions of Mastercard, Joseph Biden’s biggest donor,  and now make up the majority of America’s, as well as the world’s poor, because US corporations are blocking the transition from the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), which counts women’s work and the very Nature Schmidt sought to protect, and holding onto to the outmoded and unsustainable GDP (Gross Domestic Product) because it’s lets wealthy dominator-hoarders, like Mitt Romney and the corporations who also control Obama,  to feel more that they are “on top”.

Schmidt recalls, Scientists from Berkeley spoke out on the dangers of nuclear war, on atomic proliferation and things like this. And it was the scientists that got people concerned. It was the scientists who spoke out to make the world a better place. And that’s a responsibility that I think I and others have.” If that’s the case, then he will also follow our prescription to make the world a better place. explores the ethical descent and hypocrisy at Google, but doesn’t connect the dots, the links, if you will, about human functioning in decision-making and gender balance.

Google offers a page about its leadership and wordforce,
Quick links, and offers this list.

Asians at Google
Blacks at Google
Hispanics at Google
The LGBT community at Google
Accessibility at Google
Women at Google
Veterans at Google
This could be a good step, But, Note: the largest group of humanity, Women, who make up one third of Google’s workforce. are listed 6th in the list , and include women of all the other minorities listed in the list, which is not alphabetical.  Even here, the women are not second class, but 6th class citizens.

This is 2012, The 12 Midnight Year in the Garden of Good and Evil that is the Planet Earth. It is Midnight in the Gardne of Good and Evil on Planet Earth, and these are the last two months before time runs out.  A search engine that reaches a billion people a day can perpetrate the continuation of humanities’ greatest self-defeat, the under appreciation of its female half, in the most influential national cultue in the world,  or help overcome it before it completely destroys the Planet. There will be no need for a Search Engine on a dead Planet. Technology without balance of gender in the year 2012 is a formula for disaster. Big Brother will die in the environmental catastrophe hr triggers,  while killing billions and the life support system balance on this Planet for all forms of life.

Now, Google, by putting up Dempublcian banners of all male candidates in the most decried election ever, You have done Evil. Now, the question is, to protect the future of Sophie and Alison, little Benji Wojin, the two anonymous Southworth-Page Children, all the children of your Executive Board, your billion users, your stockholders, and all humanity that could benefit from the Internet, will you undo the Evil you have done, and instead of just Not Doing Evil, will you act to do Good on the largest scale ever done? Will you simply add a banner that warns the people of the world, women and men, that the US election is immanently dangerous to everyone because, being so dependent on male dominated corporate money and caught in a culture in denail about the importance of this balance, it doesn’t include balance of women needed to protect the Earth?

We have a website called Boycott the Election to Save the Earth, first published and submiited to Google in time for Women’s Equality Day, which in the 12 Midnight Year of the New Millennium should be Everyday by now. It has a section specifcally devoted to women and minorities, the people who have most to lose by this pseudoelection who together comprise more then half Googles users. Oddly, it has been coming up on the search page when you Google Boycott the Election to Save the Earth, but doesn’t come up when you seach for simply Boycott the Election. Is it being subtly censored? We hope not, but we do ask that Google look into this immediately and find out why it is not coming up when you search Boycott the Election.

We urge  all at Google, personally and collectively, to urgently come up to speed on this issue of balance of gender, as if your lives and all your billion users lives depended on it, as they do.  As far as we can tell from what is on the World Wide Web, no one from Google has ever personally actually written or spoken anywhere about the need for 5050 political representation to be fair and wise for both women and men.  There is no statement from You that the current  situation, which will be perpetuated in this pseudoelection,  is simple outrageous, intolerable and unacceptable for the alleged leader of the free world impacting slightly more than half the human family. So far, your banner has not included links to such real experts and leaders on this issue that is so central to the survival and sustainability of the planet,  as Riane Eisler, Swanee Hunt, Marie Wilson, Michelle Bachelet,  Marilyn Waring, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Soraya Chemaly, Amy Siskind or Paula Xanthapolou and many others who are working in this area, and men like Anders Johnsson of the New York based IPU, David Loye of the Partnershipway, Nobel Prizewinner Oscar Arias,  Bernard Lietaer, David Loye, and others who would give more of the real story on this essential issue if 5050 representation of women (and the full counting of women’s work, paid and unpaid), which is now, many believe the only way to Save the Earth Shouldn’t you publically endorse 5050, not for later, but NOW? . Instead of remaining silent,  you must follow the lead of Desmond Tutu, who has also called for a Revolution by women and  Bianca Jagger  who said quite clearly that trying to achieve results gradually was a mistake and that “We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution”, speaking to women and men who care about justice, and even their own sustainable survival. Will Google help a REvolution that is Evolution itself?

Again, Google put up banners about the Olympics that showed women as well as men, about Julia Child’s Birthday, about Maria Montessor and even about International Women’s Day. But on International Women’s day, unlike your banner for Romney, there was no link. It should have linked to: But, by your banners and corporate complicit silence on this very real matter, you are de facto endorsing an apelike tendency which humanity must evolve past to survive, and pseudoelection that will leave Americans (both women and men who respect them as partners) less well represented than in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, and is inducing American women to partake in their own degradation and demise, which will then lead to Planetary collapse, killing female and male quite equally. We are deeply aware that not only Republicans, but Democrats (who are really Dempublican at the top of their party) are promoting this colossal injustice. “A dream delayed is a dream denied.” But at this time in the human evolution, this dream delayed means all dreams denied. There are better alternatives than a pseudoelection, and 49% of Egyptians boycotted their pseudoelection, and the Tahrir Revolution, especially by women, is starting up again. You and all media need to focus NOW on this situation in every section of your corporate website, and as a banner headline until it is heeded, especially as it pertains to the US upcoming pseudoelection, because to not do that simply normalizes and dangerously entrenches the profoundly regressed gender situation of the US, which is immanently endangering the Planet..

On July 4th and the week of July 4th, women of Occupy/progressives have issued REvolutionary Declarations of gender parity as a Revolutionary demand, and a Divinely Endowed Human Right, and many will be boycotting the pseudoelection, in part, because of the lack of overdue gender 5050 it will perpetuate.  We hope you will banner this immediately, and since you have now started linking from your page, links to these. Billions of people today and most ancient cultures believe in a Deity Process that is both Feminine and Masculine. When the imbalance becomes too great, the result is what we call Evil. as some intelligent women have said quite explicitly.  Put up a banner that restores and is truly and fully balanced. iinclusive and neutral about the various alternatives pertaining to this election, and its underlying gender, minority, and money and representation realities. Or you will have may forgotten the words “Don’t be Evil.” And you will have forgotten those other words: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”. For more information, visit and and feel free to contact me, Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily Miller at and

The problem was evident in 2001 when Senators, Democrats and Republicnas/Dempublicans published their book, Nine and Counting,, which put a false front on tokenism, and which should have been more honestly titled, Why Does the US ranks 50th in Representation of Women, (which it was then) and honestly telling American women that Europe, all the Villages of India and other countries and hundreds of political parties around the world were already closing in on something closer to 5050, and under guidance from the UN, were already then many well over 30%. Now it is 2012, and the US ranks 92nd counting ties. Under these women’s co-opted leadership, the number of women in Congress is in a very low and actually going down.Its percent of women in Congress are what warlords prefer, because it causes co-optation of the women to perpetuating what is actually a dominant male agneda, and keeps the other women in line and not doing things like making peace culture.
None of the current women Senators, Dempublican Congresswomen and Party “Leaders” like Pelosi and Wasserman Schultz, and neither the First Lady or Second Lady ever talk about the US rank of 92 in any specific way. Publically, they congratulate themselves on their progress, and vaguely chirp about “more women”. They are not allowed to have specific goals. The topic is verboten by ape-male CEO’s Corporations that fund both parties, while the both Parties say they care about women, especially the “Democrats”.

Many of the “major” women’s organizations are now clearly co-opted, giving harbor to such misleaders as Stephanie Shriock of Emily’s list, (who has beeb exposed by Paula Xanthapolou’s book Smoke and Mirrors: The Truth About American Women’s Political Representation) who wastes millions collecting money for the coopted 16% and never mentions real levels of representation and 5050 that women are overdue for and would protect all their rights, above and beyond reproductive rights, but including them as well. Even you and too many leading women’s names do not come up when paired with the Google search term women’s representation, let alone the rank of 92 reality. And this is the 92nd year since women were “granted” the vote. We have a two fold simple solution for women. (and men who do respect and love them). Boycott the mostly monied  male Pseudoelecton, Turn off Your TV until media websites and apologize for their lack of coverage followed currently by the thinnest of pseudocoverage, while they prattel on about all male “candidates’ to Gender Armageddon. Then, call all the women of the United States the real CoSenators and Congresspeople, the Real Co-Presidents and ask the current Congress to resign – and certainly won’t get your vote –  until these standards are met.  That’s the way it has been done in other countries, and that’s the way to do it here.

It shocking, dangerous to all generations and the world, and unacceptable that the influential US corporate-patriarch-controlled media (especially television and radio), the “fourth branch of government” that the people, both female and male, must be able to access and rely on to learn about the functioning of the other three branches compared to other governments around the world, is still and has been for 17 years at least, censoring and failing to cover the story that the so-called recent elections and election upcoming have been dangerously failing women and fair men thus, real democracy itself and the world environment, because the major US parties have not followed the voluntary examples of many countries and parties of the rest of the world putting democracy-sufficient numbers of women on the tickets in free publically funded elections. Unless immediate exposure and warning is exerted now, to have this issue exposed and dealt with before and head on at party conventions, it will leave the US ranked 78th in the world (92nd if you count ties), with less women in office than Afghanistan and Iraq have, and about tied with a very corrupt and backward country, Turkmenistan in representation of women”> and once again not meeting the 1995 UN Beijing Platform for women’s minimum of 30% women in office by 2000, to protect democracy and the environment At the present rate, even if it is even maintained, it will take 70 years to reach equality, and imagine what further inroads against women’s rights and environmental disasters and wars will happen without it, almost immediately, and long before then. The US lag has been misleading the rest of the world in the wrong direction, and hampering the peace-making gender balance efforts of the United Nations and Interparliamentary Union.

We encourage YOU and everyone to urgently, immediately and passionately act to tell the story and recruit other journalists, both women and fair men, to rebel against their CEO masters, and patriarchal men/coopted women token politicians, and cover the especially important national, and (still in many places) world emergency that exists concerning this world-trend-impacting “election”, the fact that leading and deeply concerned women as well as men are planning to boycott it , which also highlights the boycott of woman’s and democracy activist Naadal el Saadawi who was followed by millions, about half of Egyptians, women and men, who boycotted the recent election in Egypt, that offered a �choice� between two evils, rather than a true choice, without true representation, particularly for women. Another Egyptian, a man, lamented the lack of Bothiana Kamel, a woman who tried to run but received no major party support, as a choice for President, in his reason for boycotting We must learn from those who boycotted in Egypt, and in the US, and this time, make it a far fuller boycott of the 51% of the American people who are female, and the largest percentage of the 49% men, who realize the government with equal representation of women in fair free elections that protect women�s rights more securely, protects the environment, and protects the 99%. indeed, the 100%, against the hierarchical sociopathic destructive “decisions” of the most patriarchal 1% that has has been destroying this region, and more, of the world. Election boycotts were successfully used in ending apartheid in South Africa  It is ironic that black history should be used to confront Barack Obama, but many observers feel Obama-Biden and the Democratic Party has not helped both women, people of color and working middle and lower class people enough in his position in a party which at the top level of leadership, many feel, is Patriarchal Corporate Dempublican. The gender-imbalanced Obama-Biden ticket is also receiving opposition from other traditional friends, labor, h and Occupy Wallstreet

Even if “Obama wins”, he will likely actually lose, as Republicans are likely to retake the Senate, and many other official offices, just as with the help of money over people, just as Walker held on in Wisconsin This means that erosion and assault on women’s rights, labor, the environment and peace will continue, even if “Obama wins”. There is no point for women, or fair men, to continue to legitmize a pseudoelection in such a self-defeating strategy. Endorsement of Obama will not protect them from mysogynist Republicans and Corporations, who will successfully attack them at every jurisdictional level. The only hope for women, and for democracy is to boycott and help others to boycott the pseudoelection, engage in pots and pans protests on a large scale at media offices for failing to cover the many examples of success of gender balance and public funding  in elections and economics in many countries and communities in the world that has let the election process failure continue this far, hold strikes, and bring business as usual to a halt in the US, the socalled leader of the free world (but at a rank of 92 for women)  until it achieves election reforms that Sweden has had since the 1980s, and are necessary now to prevent planetary environmental and economic collapse for billions of people.

<P>A recent study showed that media spends only 6% of its time on women’s equality, and far less than even that, virtually at zero, on women’s full representation in office. The US media (and most politicians)are failing to cover how many millions of Americans, would prefer Hillary Clinton (although she may be too tied in with the male dominated corporacy that her husband secretly helps to fully stand up for herself or women)  or, perhaps even better, MANY OTHER prominent Democratic or well known pro-democracy woman, over Joe Biden as VP and a ticket of Obama and Clinton (if she is able to get her act together to stand up for 5050) or ANY woman if polled, and why there are no polls on this, and its urgent importance to the likelihood of the continued Blessings of the Almighty (who is not a sexist and is both Mother and Father to us all and wants to see humanity get beyond patriarchy and ascend to gender partnership) and an Obama real win, assuming the Democrats are not planning to just roll over as they did when they pretended George Bush and Dick Cheney were “elected”. The US media and politicians failed to cover the 1995 Beijing Conference Platform which called for a minimum critical mass for democracy of 30% women in all countries by 2000
acgd/beijingplus15/documents/15YearReviewofBPfA.pdf>, failed to cover the leadership of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi in bringing women’s representation to India via the Panchayat Raj which already serves hundreds of millions with 5050 gender balance now, and the Women’s Representation Bill still in committee in India
they  failed to cover gender parite that brought 50-50 to every city in France brought about by Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and his wife Sylvia Agacinski  Now, both the giver and the receiver of the Statue of Liberty are failing to reach the levels reached in mush of Europe, particularly because of the ripple effect of the US Gender Armageddon on other countries.

<P>The US (and similar corporate and male-dominated/female coopting media in other countries) television and radio media failed to cover the gender 50-50 in Wales National Assembly brought about by Senator Julie Morgan and her husband Prime Minister Rhodri Morgan, they have failed to cover the one women for every man ballots of the Nordic countries since the 1970’s and their recent 40% requirement for women on corporate boards, the European Parliament, under EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and others, are already undertaking to attain 5050 in corporations, Europe, many of which have caps and much lower ratios on CEO to average people’s salaries (In Germany it is $650,000) than the US. Tell the corporate media have failed to tell all the parties in Europe and worldwide that use voluntary standards and and the success of several African countries and Belgium, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Spain and others in getting gender balance. They are not letting America know how far behind the rest of the literate world America has become, and how truly dangerous to democracy and the environment this is. They are failing to cover the 50-50 campaigns in England and Europe  American women (and fair men) are being kept in the dark by the major media and both political parties.

<P>Some American women and men are working to overcome this. but even this organization is too politically co-opted by corporate funders to demand any clear goal or 5050, and Riane Eisler and David Loye of the Center for Partnership Studies but way too slowly, because the major media and too many politicians (and some very complicit organizations which focus only on women’s reproductive rights) have been so silent about this silent national and world emergency, even ‘though there is a lot about it on the Internet: <B> The Occupy Movement Convention and Gathering in July included REvolutionary Declarations calling for 5050 gender balance and gender parity as Divinely Endowed human rights, but there has been thus far little media coverage of this critical aspect for any community, (local, national or global) decision-making, few women knew of it in time to become delegates/attendees and come to these events. But the word is getting out. Will you report on it, and the whole situation, Now?  These Declarations serve as a beckon call for a new gender balanced Constitutional Convention in 2013, gender parity in representation for women at all levels of government, public funding of elections a critical factor for women, and and many other changes that were Declared but not fully disseminated at the Occupy Movement’s various efforts in July, but are being disseminated now and  prepare for a real election after a Constituational Convention in 2013.

The media and politicians failed to cover the issue that is at the heart of everything for women, men and families, that of family leave, and the balance of love and work, compared to other countries, and don;t report on information such as these:
Family Leave Policy In the US and other nations clearinghouse Comparison Table of Family Leave Policies around the world. on Family Leave Benefits in various countries. Moms Rising On Family Leave An international assessment of family leave legislation
Nordic family leave including fathers.

<P>The US corporate media is still reporting economic news in such a way that continues a primitive patriarchal approach to economics, using the GDP instead of the more appropriate Genuine Progress Indicator, which can be even better improved to measure gender balance in political representation and includes the counting of unpaid family and community work, most of which is done by women, and the valuation of stewardship of environmental resources. The media’s  lack of gender balanced reporting on economics will cause a worldwide economic collapse that is simultaneous with environmental degradation and catastrophe. You can read more about gender balance in economics at and the sustainable future Earth could be having now as a Universal Planet , with gender balanced paradigms in economics at

<P>The silent ignorant complicity of most women journalists (and many politicians and too many organizations) in allowing the US to fall to the rank of 78/92 with Turkmenistan, and to continue to fail to have women in the Chief Executive, without blowing the whistle long ago is a testament to the power of patriarchy on women and just how easily many women still try to fit into a man’s world, and the silence of men the complicit silence of imbedded, habitual world-destroying hierarchy. Women journalists like Keli Goff’s rant on the Dylan Ratigan show, need to insist on  each other to catch up on globally responsible homework on this without blaming women voters, , who have been kept in the dark, and their is the Huffington Post, which has posted posts by Biance Jagger who said quite clearly that trying to achieve results gradually was a mistake and that “We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution”,

Marie Wilson and Soraya Chemaly and immediately enlist sympathetic men like Thom Hartmann and  (start the video at timer point 53.42), who also reported on Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s call for a revolution led and coled by women,</a>
Chris Hayes , http://www. , Chris Janssing and Richard Lu,  and men like Robert Reich, Bill Keller  Bob Woodward Chris Matthews–help-obamas-re-election, who clearly wanted Hillary Clinton, Carol Mosely Braun or ANY Democratic woman to be Vice President. Hillary is deeply complicit in promoting Biden instead of herself or another woman. But even these usually only brief, partial and superficial reports are few and very far between the usual legimitizing of a pseudoelection that their corporate bosses are making so much false wealth on. Urgently help them realize that much more, in fact, 5050 in free fair elections, is overdue, shame and expose the patriarchal habits and control being exerted on other journalists, politicians, and apparently too many self-defeating organizations, for not telling or investigating this whole story in any depth for years, especially the specifics on how other countries and jurisdictions gained 5050 and close to it already, and still not warning of the immanent environmental and social disaster by not telling  now on their<B> every report</B> or webblog on both parties and the upcoming “election”, the decision of many Americans to boycott it, and start real coverage of the issue of women’s representation and real democracy, and protecting earth,  and the economy (which will go into another depression

Wasn’t the earthquake damage to the Washington Monument enough of Nature/God’s warning against continued patriarchy instead of gender balance in office and decision-making? Or do we, in our gross gender imbalance, need to tempt Mother Nature and non-sexist Father Time to an earthquake the size of which struck Japan, (another still patriarchal and therefore very vulnerable, undemocratic society for women and fair men, or another tsunami that will further knock the planet off its life-sustaining balance and
Or do we have to Keystone-Pipeline -and-Frack our way into the ultimate disasters of sure Global Warming and firey infernos of chemical pollution of groundwater from the Keystone Pipeline, which is now favored by both major parties   Editorial-It-s-not-extremism-to-study-environmental-impact-of-fracking-or-Keystone-pipeline, or worst of all,  disturbing the Yellowstone Supervolcano, to get Mother Nature’s and non-sexist Father-Times’ message that we long ago needed women at all levels of office, including the Chief Executive (and men who know the value of their presence) in office to protect the environment  And what about the new nuclear proliferation in gender imbalanced countries like North Korea and Iran Do you really think Obama without a Woman, with Biden instead of a woman, on a gender balanced tickets in 2012, let alone Romney-Ryan, (and let alone pointlessly waiting until 2016), can set a proper example and  protect us from the ultimate messages to humanity about the error of its patriarchal-instead-of-partnership war culture ways, of the non-sexist MotherFatherGoddessGod? The soy and corn crops and bees, which so much of food and nature relies on for pollination, are already failing due to a combination of man-made, Congressionally lobbied oil instead of wind and solar energy policy, and genetic engineering of crops. http://www.moth  The Mayans may be right; the period just before December 22, 2012 may be our last chance to choose between
Feminine/Masculine Balance on Earth, or the final tortuous Beginning of the End Cycle of the Planet Eart WAKE UP! This is all truly at stake in the  upcoming, thus far as planned, gender imbalanced earth-endangering pseudoelection in the US. This, and many elections on earth will have to be reheld in 2013 as emergency antidotes to the damage done by accepting gender imbalance in office and economic paradigms for too long.

<p> The problem is multifaceted, The dominant male CEOs don’t want it the story covered. Many men are habituated to patriarchy because it works marginally better for men than women (until it causes Depression, War and Environmental collapse), so they leave the issue for women, and this not-so benign neglect undermines women’s self-esteem. Then women fall prey to either passivity and passive enabling, or cooptation, in which women identify with dominant male values. It needs a thorough discussion., that includes both the need for men to pay more attention to the issue, and women to oversome low self-esteem and women defeating settling for marginalization and its associated problem of lack of mutual support among women. These problems are discussed at: We do not want to list the Google Women and Men as Dangerous in these essays, but we will if there is no positive and affirmative response to this letter by September  22nd.

This problem has been going on for many, many years. The fact is,it has been going on for several millennia. It is urgently planet-endangering, truly spiritually dangerously overdue time to blow the fire whistle on this, and if need by switch to another search engine, and see women and concerned men buy no products from the Internet, (and Yahoo is no better, in all their daily news stories, that are now controlled by ABC, and never have presented and followed up with many stories on the many stories imbedde in about progress occuring in many parts of the world, but not the US. we will soon have an open letter to Marissa Mayer and the still mostly men at on that Board.) until the Google banner tells the whole truth about humanity’s need to ReEvolve, right now. A gender imbalanced Supreme Court, picked by gender imbalanced Presidents’s and Congresses, gave us Citizens’ United that has turned the American election into an auction for environment and Internet endangering gender imbalanced corporations, and this is only the patriarchal ultimate coup d’grat after the needlessly expensive, non-publically financed, winner take all instead of proportional 2000, 2004, and 2008 election debacles which all fed the coffers of the corporate media under their dangerously outmoded wealth paradigm, and produced gender imbalanced tickets in major parties in the US, in ignorance of the principles of balance and fairness.. You can urgently refer to for information about gender balance around the world and gender balance paradigms for media, and government= and gender balanced paradigms for earth-sustainable equitable economics and Genuine Progress Indicators that count all women’s as well as men’s labors (instead of all the Earth dying with the patriarchal 1% “on top” pseudoelections and Media CEO and  bankster-money corporate paradigms).

<P> When we planned this letter, we were simply thinking of recommending that if you could put up a picture of the Olumpics, Julia Child,  Maria Montessori (who helped you learn to THINK in childhood) and various holidays, you could put up and leave up a graphic of the picture at, and a 5050 graphic until humanity makes its overdue and necessary step of Revolution – balance of gender in decision-making, with a link to u

Now, we demand that as it minimum, and much more. Changes are badly needed at Google,  Unlike Europeans whose corporations are openly seeking 5050, you clearly are going in the wrong direction for your children, your users and the Earth.Quickly, Put up a banner of apology now,  and include this depiction as well and the alternative of 5050, as it applied to the realities of the intended “election”, as indicated in the first part of the lettter. Or else be prepared for your users to choose other search engines that are not as obviously and unresponsibly out of dangerously balance that Google has allowed itself to remain and become in the remaining  months before Midnight in the Garden of Good or Evil.

No mattter who “wins” id it proceeds as planned, the 2012 election currently offers this “choice”,  a total loss for the Planet Earth, including all the familycommunity of Google.

With your convention banner for all male tickets and a gender skewed “election”, you have already done Evil. But it isn’t too late for Google to Raise its powerful voice, not only to “not do Evil”, but to actively and affirmatively Choose Good instead of Evil for the World it connects.


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